1. Contact me
  2. Send me a rough demo of your song/idea (if available), or lyrics only
  3. If you have any tracks you’ve recorded yourself you would like me to include in the demo, or any existing MIDI parts, send via  yousendit.com or wetransfer.com
  4. Give me the style you want your song in, or an artist you want it to sound like
  5. Your lyrics in a Word doc,  Notepad, or email
  6. Any production notes/instructions for the vocalist

I will share the track as I go to make sure it’s in line with your vision. Once the instrumental track is complete and you are satisfied, I will have the vocals recorded. We will review the vocals and give feedback to the vocalist if needed. Once satisfied with vocals we will move to the final mixing stage and make sure everything is working together and sounding awesome!  We will do this until you are completely satisfied.

This is a Work For Hire (WFH) service, you retain full ownership of your song and vocal.  After your demo is complete, we will sign a WFH agreement. You will get a minimum of two versions of your song, a vocal version and an instrumental version.  I can  run off alt mixes or stems, within reason, upon request.

I look forward to working with you!