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Here are some of my good friends and collaborators, ask them to write a song with ya!

Dean Brantley Taylor -Denver, CO
FUN FACT: Dean is a great lyricist! Dean and I have worked together on multiple songs and have never spoke to each other on the phone.
Co-Writes: Dancin’ With A Pretty girl | Good Days | It’s a Good Place | I Got Friends | It’s Gonna Happen Tonight | Pieces | Wearin’ A Painful Suit Today | No Disguise | I Know It’s Complicated | Chasing Shooting Stars | Bring Me Trouble

Chris Maxwell -Surrey, UK
FUN FACT: This is my first collaborator from “across the pond”, Chris lives roughly 4000 away form me here in Chicago, man technology is amazing!
Co-Writes: Famous | I’d Do Anything | I’m Begging You Please | Bright Red Chevy | Heart Attack | That’s How I Remember You | Bright Red Chevy  Remember My Name | No HeavenMarc Blackwell - Friends

Tim Wilsbach -Indianapolis, IN
FUN FACT: Tim’s voice is one of my all time favorites! Tim and I once performed as a duo in Chicago and was the opening act for Rusted Roots singer Michael Glabicki. Tim is also a proud new father to his son, Riley Quinn!
Co-Writes: Fallen Star (Could It Be You)| Why So Serious

Logan Rayne Pepper -Houston, TX
FUN FACT: Logan was the vocalist on the song “You Believed In Me” that made it to the American Idol TOP 10 for the 2008 season!
You can hear it on his website.
Co-Writes: No Disguise |Bodies (Betray Us)

Jamie Leger -Ann Arbor, MI
FUN FACT: Jamie “Southpaw” is one of the best vocalist I’ve ever heard let alone had the privilege to work with. Jamie is not only a great musician but also a great soldier in the U.S. Army Reserve!
Co-Writes: Good Days

Matt Hoggard -Oklahoma City, OK
FUN FACT: Matt Hoggard is good people and an excellent country song writer! Matt took our song “Color Us Gone” to Nashville where it was selected out of a group of songs based on quality to be demoed…for FREE! This Nashville version was recorded at Jay’s Place Studio in Nashville TN. featuring Marc Alan Barnette on vocals. Have a listen below!
Matt and I are working on some tunes as we speak. Stay tuned!
Co-Writes: Color Us Gone | Why Lie | She’s Got Big Plans

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Devin Melanson -Ancaster, Ontario
Devin is one of the funniest, wittiest guys I know online, I’ve heard he’s even funnier in person! Shortly after we finished up our co-write it was picked-up by a top-tier library!
Devin played banjo on “Dancin’ With A Pretty Girl” and is a bad ass banjo player!
Co-Writes: One Minute Penalty | Abilene

Larry W. Jones -Kingwood TX
FUN FACT: Larry, AKA Kingwood Kowboy, has writen 1000′s of awesome lyrics, I know he’s up to around 6000 with no plans to stop! Check out his site, all of his lyrics are properly copyrighted and the titles are registered through BMI and ready for YOUR editing, arranging, music, recording and marketing. Check him out!
Co-Writes: Forgotten Down That Lost Highway | Midnight Zephyr

Chris Bobrowski -aka Chris Crotch, Chicago, IL
FUN FACT: Chris and I met around 8-10 years ago, he played bass for Chicago’s popular hair-metal cover band “Hairbangers Ball”, our bands followed each other around to a lot of the same venues, we’d walk into a dressing room in another state and there would be a message on the wall for us from his band! I actually filled in for Chris one night, got to wear a wig and some leather pants, it was a ball!
Chris is a very talented bass player and vocalist; it was a privilege to have him sing on the song “Pieces”!

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